The UQ Women in Engineering program wouldn’t be possible without our student leaders.

Student Leaders are current engineering students with a passion to inspire, encourage and support prospective and current female engineering students. There are 30 Women in Engineering Student Leaders in the 2023 team who represent all the specialisations available to study at UQ.

Our Student Leaders are involved with all Women in Engineering events throughout the year and while it is a voluntary position, they have the opportunity to develop leadership, communication and teamwork skills through interaction with high school students, teachers, parents and university students. They also gain unique professional development opportunities through networking and mentoring with industry representatives.

Meet our 2023 student leaders

Click on the images below to read more about our student leaders, including why they chose engineering, their dream jobs  and some top tips for studying engineering at UQ.

  • Take advantage of every opportunity available to get involved in the engineering community at UQ!
  • I hope to inspire young women to consider engineering as a career path that can lead to countless opportunities within a number of industries.
  • I hope to support younger females who feel daunted by being in a male-dominated field as I have been there, and the support I received made me feel like persevering throughout my degree.
  • I hope that I can debunk some of the myths of engineering that deter many potential female students.
  • I want to demonstrate to young females who are interested in STEM that a career in engineering is attainable and enjoyable.
  • I hope to share the excitement I have within the engineering field with other women in engineering and provide the newcomers with the best opportunities and support to reach their full potential within their degree.
  • I want to inspire young girls that they can do engineering. I was discouraged from doing engineering because of the challenges I would face. But engineering is worth it. Being that one person to inspire someone to do engineering is all worth it.
  • I hope to connect with female students and let them know what an impactful and diverse career they can have as an engineer.
  • I hope to educate young girls on what engineering actually is and encourage them to think about how they can make a difference by studying STEM.
  • I’d love to inspire more people to study engineering, or help them find a way to follow their own passion whatever that may be!
  • If I can inspire just one girl to explore a future in engineering, either by showing them a path forward or by simply telling them that a place in the field exists for them, I will have achieved my goal as a WE student leader.
  • Take every opportunity that is available to you (say yes!), you never know where it could lead you and if it doesn’t turn out, take it as a learning experience.
  • By having more females in leadership roles, this enhances the gender diversity and further visualises what a degree in engineering can lead to, for all.
  • One of the most amazing and unique things about studying engineering at UQ is the community you get to be a part of.
  • As a WE Leader, I hope to contribute to a shift in at least one young woman’s attitude towards her potential in the world of STEM. . I hope to remind her that her ideas and perspectives, and power, as a young woman in engineering, will never go unnoticed
  • I want to provide knowledge to young women about the engineering field and help them understand exactly what it is.
  • I want to be a familiar face that first-year students can approach and ask for any sort of help!
  • My best advice to first-year engineering students would be to immerse yourself in the university experience.
  • My best advice for first-year students is to get involved with as many opportunities as possible.
  • In my first year the WE student leaders were a support group for all women in engineering. They made such a positive impact on my first-year experience, and I hope to do the same for others.
  • My biggest advice for first-year engineering student is to get involved. You’ve probably been told this so many times before but I can tell you it’s worth it.
  • I would love to be able to empower new female engineering students and support them along their journey as future engineers!
  • Engineering is all around us and plays a crucial part in our everyday life.
  • It’s so important to allow yourself to make mistakes and not shy away from new experiences or challenges. 
  • I hope to help showcase that there is no ‘right’ image of an engineer. This is such an exciting field and everyone with an interest deserves the opportunity to experience what it has to offer.
  • As a regional QLD high school student, I remember feeling intimidated by the thought of university life and engineering study. So I want to help others across QLD see the incredible potential that a career in engineering holds.
  • I hope to strive in diversifying future engineering cohorts to ensure there is a diversity of thought that can only be brought forward with a diversity of people.
  • Try as many different courses as possible in first year so you can get an understanding of all the different possibilities. 
  • The flexible first year is great if you’re unsure exactly which discipline to go into.
  • Embrace the opportunity to talk to the person sitting beside you in class. It may seem daunting at first but having someone to talk to about tutorial sheets and assignments is super worthwhile in the long run.
  • I’d also highly recommend exploring the campus to find your favourite study spots and cafes as there are plenty of them. I’m still finding new places and this is my 4th year at UQ.