The UQ Women in Engineering program wouldn’t be possible without our student leaders.

Student Leaders are current engineering students with a passion to inspire, encourage and support prospective and current female engineering students. There are 27 WE Student Leaders in the 2022 team who represent all the specialisations available to study at UQ.

Our Student Leaders are involved with all Women in Engineering events throughout the year and while it is a voluntary position, they have the opportunity to develop leadership, communication and teamwork skills through interaction with high school students, teachers, parents and university students. They also gain unique professional development opportunities through networking and mentoring with industry representatives.

Meet our 2022 student leaders

Click on the images below to read more about our student leaders, including why they chose engineering, their dream jobs  and some top tips for studying engineering at UQ.

  • My best advice for first-year students is to get involved with as many opportunities as possible.
  • If I can make a difference in young women’s lives by empowering them and allowing them to feel confident enough to follow their passions in engineering, I will be extremely happy.
  • Take advantage of every opportunity available to get involved in the engineering community at UQ!
  • My best tip for first-year engineering students is to be yourself. We are all unique and I think that’s beautiful – share your uniqueness with everyone. 
  • Everyone in first year is just like you, starting something unfamiliar and having the same doubts and uncertainties as you.
  • I hope to educate young girls on what engineering actually is and encourage them to think about how they can make a difference by studying STEM.
  • I hope that I can debunk some of the myths of engineering that deter many potential female students.
  • I want to be able to provide female engineering students with the support and encouragement necessary for them to have a successful and enjoyable university experience and career.
  • If I can inspire just one girl to turn her dream and passion into a reality, then I have done my job right.
  • My dream job is to become a project manager for a major civil company.
  • One of the most amazing and unique things about studying engineering at UQ is the community you get to be a part of.
  • I hope to guide and inspire more girls into engineering with the aim to increase diversity within the discipline.
  • My best advice to first-year engineering students would be to immerse yourself in the university experience.
  • Put in the time and effort and everything else will fall into place!
  • I hope to connect with female students and let them know what an impactful and diverse career they can have as an engineer.
  • The First Year Engineering Learning Centre (FYELC) is arguably the most valuable resource for first-year students.
  • My best first-year engineering tip is to study in the First Year Engineering Learning Centre – it is an amazing place to make new friends and get help.
  • Seeing is believing, and I look forward to working in a team with strong role models so that young women can visualise where a career in engineering could take them. 
  • I want to provide knowledge to young women about the engineering field and help them understand exactly what it is.
  • I hope to dispel the myths of engineers being people who just ‘build bridges’ because there is so much more to it.
  • The flexible first year is great if you’re unsure exactly which discipline to go into.
  • Take every opportunity that is available to you (say yes!), you never know where it could lead you and if it doesn’t turn out, take it as a learning experience.
  • My best advice is to be open to the range of opportunities available, and listen to your gut. If you follow your passions and listen to your gut, you will land in the right spot. 
  • It’s so important to allow yourself to make mistakes and not shy away from new experiences or challenges. 
  • Try as many different courses as possible in first year so you can get an understanding of all the different possibilities. 
  • The possibilities are truly endless and I want to encourage all women to dream big and look outside the boxes of health and education, because you never know what you might find.