The Faculty performs a wide range of industry relevant research and provides leading-edge research capability not found elsewhere.

Examples of research centres within the Faculty include:

  • The Aboriginal Environments Research Centre provides research and consulting into the culture, environment and architecture of Australian Indigenous people;
  • The Advanced Water Management Centre is an international centre of excellence in innovative water technology and management and provides expertise and capacity to offer high-quality services to government and industry;
  • The UQ Dow Centre for Sustainable Engineering Innovation provides thought leadership and facilitates innovation in the sustainable production and use of energy and materials. The UQ Dow Centre undertakes research and consulting projects on behalf of industry or other clients to assess the economic viability of a technical process, and provide direction to further research, development, investment, and policy making;
  • The University of Queensland Materials Performance provides consultancy and research in materials and metallurgical engineering, failure analysis, durability and degradation of metals and polymers;
  • Pyrosearch undertakes consulting and test work for the minerals industry in pyrometallurgy.

UniQuest, one of Australia's leading research commercialisation companies, is able to facilitate industry engagement with academics in the Faculty and supervises over 500 consulting and research projects each year for private, non-profit and public sector clients.

Research Commercialisation

Benefit from the commercialisation of the Faculty's world-leading research. With an annual research budget of $45 million, the Faculty provides a rich and diverse flow of breakthrough technologies that can have a ground-breaking impact on your business. The pipeline of commercialisation opportunities available to your organisation spans the entire spectrum of the engineering, architectural and information technology sectors.

UniQuest manages the commercialisation of these technologies and is on-hand to work in partnership with your organisation throughout this process.