How to make an appointment with an academic advisor

Academic advisors provide EAIT students with information and advice for their studies, including course selection, dual programs and creating a study plan.

To find the right academic for your program:

  1. Identify the recommended study plan for your program. You will need to bring this along to your appointment. 
  2. Identify the academic advisor who best suits your enquiries.
  3. Contact or visit the academic advisor directly to book your academic advising appointment. Provide your name, student number, and availability. If you are seeking advice on course selection, you should also provide a copy of your studies report and your enrolment plan for the remainder of your program.

Visit academic advice to find the right advisor for your program.

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Program structure changes in 2021

From 2021, the way we deliver our Engineering, Computer Science, and Information Technology programs at UQ is changing.

The structure of these programs, and the courses available to study, have been updated.

Students commencing their studies in 2021 will enrol in the new program structures.

More information can be found on program structure changes in 2021.

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Credit for previous studies

If you have previously completed some study at a University level you may be entitled to credit. Credit for courses completed in another program or tertiary institution may be granted for a specified UQ course, where the content and standard is deemed to be substantially the same.

Before applying for credit or exemption please check policy and procedure 3.50.03 - Credit for Previous Studies and Recognised Prior Learning. You will also need to review the program rules for your program.

More information can be found on credit for previous studies.

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