EAIT Global Experiences

Grasp the opportunity of a lifetime with both hands and include an overseas experience as part of your Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology program.

Overseas study will increase your employability and will likely be a highlight of your time at UQ.

Explore EAIT global experiences

Study abroad to graduate with the BE(Hons)/ME from UQ plus a Masters from Europe!
Complete some study overseas to graduate with a Master of Data Science from UQ, and a Master of Science (Informatics) from TUM.
Embark on a 2-6 study tour, organised by the Faculty of EAIT or your School, over the Summer or Winter break.

Connect with UQ global experience programs

Complete a semester or a year of study overseas on exchange with one of our partner universities.
Complete a short-term overseas experience of 2-6 weeks in your Summer or Winter break for credit towards your program.
Undertake a global internship in your Summer or Winter break to enhance your employability or for EPP credit.
See our list of popular EAIT semester-based exchange destinations for examples of which host universities have been the most frequented for your program and major, as well some additional recommended options.

Curious about global experiences?

Chat with our Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology International Team to discuss all the global experiences you can access as part of your EAIT program.

We can guide you through all your international mobility options including how to apply, funding and the best destinations for your specific program and major.

You can also book an appointment with the Internships and Global Experiences Team.

See your EAIT academic advisor for approval of your exchange study plan.

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