We aim to be universally recognised as a global top 20 university for engineering, design and technology as we change the world through creative thinking, innovative technologies and outstanding staff, students and alumni.

Our Faculty has long, proud traditions of innovation and leadership across student education and research.

In just over a century, more than 27,000 Faculty graduates have gone on to use their UQ education to have a significant impact on our state, our nation and across the world. We believe that lifelong success is fostered at UQ through great education – inspiring students to think differently, ask the difficult questions, be a positive disruptive influence, and fulfill every ounce of their potential.

Our research provides a rich and diverse flow of breakthrough technologies that are helping to improve communities around the world. From novel hydrogen storage and next generation polymers to biomedical engineering and mining safety, our research outcomes are solving problems for local and international communities, and our industry partners.

Creative problem solving – through great science, engineering and design – means faculties like ours have an increasingly vital role to play in the world’s future.

Our Schools and Research Centres

The locus of architectural, design and urban planning research, learning, debate, and speculation in our national academic and professional communities.
An international leader in the chemical engineering field with a reputation of excellence, built over many decades.
Renowned for teaching and research in water, environment, geotechnical, structural, and transportation engineering.
At the leading edge of electrical engineering and computer science, focusing on innovation and research excellence.
Tackling grand engineering challenges through pioneering research, exceptional teaching, and bold collaborations in the fields of Mechanical, Aerospace, Materials, Mechatronic, Mining, and Geotechnical engineering.
An award-winning multidisciplinary team and research portfolio covering the breadth of the urban industrial water cycle, and achieving sustainable outcomes for the global water industry.
A centre of research excellence conducting real-world research focussed on optimising Australia’s natural gas industry in terms of environmental performance, social performance, and optimisation of cost of operation and supply.
UQ Innovate is a unique makerspace where students and staff can meet, collaborate and create in a friendly and supportive environment. We help you bring your ideas and innovations to life.