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Submit your assessment via UQ Blackboard

Write your five (5) reflections in line with the Engineers Australia Stage 1 Competencies as per the Reflection Assessment Writing guidelines; and,

Submit your reflections to Blackboard for marking. Refer to the Reflections Assessment Submission guide for instructions.

It is important that your EPP Reflection report includes a practice summary of your approved hours, this is something academic staff will look for when grading your submission. This will generate automatically when you download the reflections template from the EPP online system. This summary should be in the form of a table and a link on the second page of your template. If you are having trouble with the summary appearing correctly, we suggest trying to download the template on a Windows device as opposed to a Mac. Another option is to open the document in Google Docs or WordPad. If you continue to have technical issues, please get in touch with the EAIT Student Employability Team.

Watch the video below on how to submit your assessment.

Tip: use this handy Checklist to ensure you haven't missed anything!

Please note: Engineering professional practice requirements must be fully satisfied no later than midnight of the Friday of week 9 for the semester in which you hope to graduate. If these requirements are not met, you will not be eligible to graduate. Where requirements are dependant on course completion, your professional practice status will remain as incomplete until course grades are released.

2020 Submission Deadlines

Semester 2 Graduation:

  • Professional Practice hours claims must be approved in the EPP system by 5pm Tuesday, 6 October 2020 (Week 9).
  • Reflections must be submitted through Blackboard by 5pm Friday, 9 October 2020 (Week 9). Reflections submitted by the deadline will be marked in time for graduation checks.

All hours (Type A and B) must be submitted and approved by 5pm on the Tuesday of week 9, and reflections must be submitted by 5pm on the Friday of week 9 of the semester in which you expect to graduate. Reflections submitted by the deadline will be marked in time for graduation checks.