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Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology

Kartikee Gupta

  • What did you do to develop your employability during your studies?

    During my University studies, I went to lots of career events (such as career expos, information nights and events organised by Engineers Australia). When I wasn’t at University working on assignments, I was networking and making lots of industry contacts.

  • Why did you select this particular career path?

    When I was at high school, I was always interested in Math and Science courses. I enjoyed them and wanted to learn more about how Science and Math could lead me into a career where I could make a difference! 

  • What was the hiring process to get your current job?

    I went through an application process which involved putting together a CV, cover letter and a response to selection criteria. This was followed by an invitation for an interview.

  • What are your main work activities day to day?

    My main activities involve running outreach programs for high school students and teachers. I work closely with student leaders to provide mentorship to first year engineering students. I liaise with networks and academics to understand the current climate and demand for engineers.

  • What do you enjoy most about your current role?

    I love networking with people every day! In particular, I love it when students and high school teachers are interested to be educated about the engineering profession and my most favourite part is when I can convince high school students to pursue a career in engineering! 

  • What pivotal moments/ choices during your career had an impact on your success?

    There have been a few pivotal moments – the first one being, a ‘launch’ moment, where I was in my 3rd year at University and I made a decision about how much I loved being a Structural Engineer and this is a decision I reflected on whilst completing my engineering studies. After working as an engineer for six years, I went through a “turning point” of taking a slight change in direction and generally up skilling my core skills set, hence I decided to study a MBA after which I worked in a Business/Management Consulting field for nearly two years. Having worked in STEM fields for nearly eight years and being the only female in almost every team I have worked for, I am passionate to drive change and as a result achieve gender balance, hence a “tipping point” for me was to take this opportunity of being part of the UQ Women in Engineering team and help increase the number of females studying engineering as well as develop a talent pool of female engineers who can make a difference to society!

  • Has there been a key innovation/change in your area that has shifted the way things are done?

    Organisations, in particular STEM related fields are now embracing diversity! It isn’t just about increasing the number of females in organisations, but also the cultural and mindset shift that organisations are driving towards making STEM fields more female friendly and inclusive. 

  • What are your career plans for the future?

    I hope to change the way the Engineering profession is perceived as well as educate and inform as many students and teachers about careers in Engineering! 

  • What advice do you have for students who may be looking to get into this career?

    At the onset of your career, take every opportunity that comes your way, as you never know where that opportunity will take you!

    Don’t underestimate the skills that you gain in engineering. The skills that are developed during your engineering career can be utilised in a variety of roles! Follow your passion because if you are passionate about something, spending time on it comes naturally!

Professional Spotlight
Kartikee Gupta

Current role: 
Development and Communications Coordinator – UQ Women in Engineering
The University of Queensland

Educational background: 
Bachelor of Civil Engineering/Bachelor of Finance, Masters of Business Administration (MBA)

Field of Study: 
Civil Engineering

Company Profile

The University of Queensland
University-led and industry supported, WE inspires young women to consider a career in engineering. Through various educational activities and events, WE: - educate female high school students about engineering - support female university engineering students - connect with industry for a smooth workplace transition