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Employability - Career Spotlight

The Career Spotlight series delivers an interesting insight into the career preparation journey of students and graduates in Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology disciplines.

This engaging collection of profiles shares the unique approach each individual has taken to develop their Employability. These profiles showcase a varied range of activities including travel, work experience, internships and volunteer work, and aim to inspire up and coming professionals and reinforce that when it comes to developing your employability, one size definitely does not fit all.

  • Daniel Fraser
    Daniel Fraser

    Current role:
    Digital Product Design and Software Developer
    at Micromelon Robotics

    Educational background:
    Bachelor of Multimedia Design Graduate, The University of Queensland

    "In university working on difficult assignments and being in the situation of either figuring something out and passing or giving up and failing. It is often difficult but is a fast way to learn. "
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  • Pat Manyuru
    Pat Manyuru

    Current role:
    at Faculty of EAIT

    Educational background:
    Higher Degree by Research on the use of digital games as educational tools in architectural navigation

    "My current work since I arrived in Brisbane in 2018 has involved academic tutoring and teaching, ranging from architectural communication courses to topics in design studio. I have also worked on a number of workshops and exhibitions that have focused on the use of digital technology tools."
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