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Employability - Career Spotlight

The Career Spotlight series delivers an interesting insight into the career preparation journey of students and graduates in Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology disciplines.

This engaging collection of profiles shares the unique approach each individual has taken to develop their Employability. These profiles showcase a varied range of activities including travel, work experience, internships and volunteer work, and aim to inspire up and coming professionals and reinforce that when it comes to developing your employability, one size definitely does not fit all.

  • Kartikee Gupta
    Kartikee Gupta

    Current role:
    Development and Communications Coordinator – UQ Women in Engineering
    at The University of Queensland

    Educational background:
    Bachelor of Civil Engineering/Bachelor of Finance, Masters of Business Administration (MBA)

    "Organisations, in particular STEM related fields are now embracing diversity! It isn't just about increasing the number of females in organisations, but also the cultural and mindset shift that organisations are driving towards making STEM fields more female friendly and inclusive."
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  • Kate Heliotis
    Kate Heliotis

    Current role:
    Structural Engineer
    at Bligh Tanner

    Educational background:
    Bachelor of Engineering (Civil Engineering), The University of Queensland

    "Do not listen to the myths that engineering is “hard” or let that scare you! Engineering is challenging, but it’s also very rewarding and you are not doing it alone. There is so much support around you and your engineering peers become your best mates. This is true for study AND working professionally."
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