Booking an appointment

Academic advice appointments are available upon request for all UQ engineering students.

To book an appointment with the First Year Engineering Academic Advisor, please email from your student email account with your:

  • Name
  • Student ID number
  • Reason for the appointment
  • Your availability between 10.00am-3.45pm on Tuesdays only 
  • All appointments are currently via Zoom.

We strongly recommend that if you are seeking advice on course selection, that you provide as much information possible regarding your enrolment and choice of specialisation. In addition, if you are a dual degree student, you may need to talk with another Faculty for advice in addition to engineering. For example, BE(Hons) (Faculty of EAIT)/ BMath (Faculty of Science), etc.

For further assistance, please call the First Year Engineering Team on +61 7 3346 7881.

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Academic advisor

Academic advisors can help you choose your courses and plan the enrolment for your program (degree) with consideration to:

  • Your career goals and interests
  • Your academic interests
  • High school subjects or previous university courses that you have completed

They may also be able to answer academic questions about:

  • Whether or not to withdrawal from a course during a semester, and the consequences it may have for your future study
  • Choosing an appropriate study load if you have significant responsibilities outside of your university commitments
  • Changing your program (degree), including adding or removing a dual degree

The first year academic advisor is Professor Caroline Crosthwaite.

To book an appointment with Professor Caroline Crosthwaite, email or call +61 7 3346 7881.

Academic advisors for students in second year of engineering (across all specialisations), can be found on the Academic Advice page.

Further advice and application forms can be found at my.UQ.

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