The Faculty of
Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology

Academic advisors provide students with information and advice for their studies, including course selection, dual programs and placements.

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Postgraduate Coursework

Dual Programs

Dual degree students can also contact academic advisors in other Schools to discuss their non-engineering/IT studies.

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Engineering Electives

The BE(Hons) and some BE(Hons) dual degrees permit credit for electives, sometimes called free electives. You are encouraged to choose electives from the BE(Hons) course list (from any major). The number of electives that may be credited to the BE(Hons) will depend on your particular program and plan (major, dual major, extended major, or major + minor). You may also choose non-Engineering electives (courses not listed anywhere on the BE(Hons) course list) subject to the rules below and a limit of 4 units (#4) on level one non-Engineering courses. All such UQ non-Engineering courses can be credited to the BE(Hons), except for:

  • courses which do not fit in your program and plan (i.e. exceed the permissible number of non-Engineering electives in your program and plan (major, dual major, extended major or major + minor));
  • first-year (level one) non-Engineering electives beyond the 4-units (#4) permitted;
  • courses which are incompatible with any compulsory or elective course in your major (or dual major or extended major);
  • foreign language courses incompatible with your prior knowledge or qualifications (e.g. a native speaker undertaking introductory courses); or
  • courses on the banned list.

You should seek advice from the EAIT Faculty Office if in doubt as to whether a course can be counted towards the BE(Hons).

You can find the Guidelines and the list of Banned Courses here.