Discover why engineers are society’s problem solvers as students explore our six specialisations on offer through hands-on workshops and presentations including: Sun Smart Code, Renewable Energy, Giving Movement Back, Rockets, Clean Water and Floating Homes. There will also be tours available of our state of the art Engineering precinct and makerspace facilities!

This event will provide the opportunity to experience life as a student at the university of choice for women in engineering in Queensland and to gain insider tips from our current cohort.

Please note this is a COVID safe event. Attendees must register and adhere to the guidelines set by the Queensland Government.

What does the day involve?

Students will get to select three workshops to attend during the day, and morning tea and lunch will be provided.

  • 9am: Women in Engineering Welcome
  • 9:30–10:30am: Workshop 1
  • 10:30–11am: Morning tea
  • 11–12pm: Workshop 2
  • 12–1pm: Lunch and Rocket Launches
  • 1–2pm: Workshop 3
  • 2–2:30pm: Wrap up and thank you



What is involved?

Sun Smart Code


You will get to be a Health Engineer by developing a UV detection device to alert the user of high exposure to UV by learning basic coding to program an Arduino, and learn about the electrical components behind the scenes to trigger LED sensors based on UV exposure.

Floating House


Unpack a variety of issues related to construction and civil engineering with consideration to humanitarian design for communities in need. Students are challenged to design and build a floating house with a limited budget to compete for cost, weight and longevity.

Design Thinking 101


Explore how you can solve some of the world’s most important challenges using Design Thinking. This interactive session will help you turn world changing ideas into impactful, sustainable enterprises.

Making an Impact with Engineering


Join us for an interactive presentation where you learn about how diverse engineering really is, and think differently about the impact you can make on this world through engineering. There will also be a panel of student and industry speakers.

Renewable Energy: I’m a big Fan

This hands-on workshop will have you building your own model wind turbine as we look towards sustainable energy solutions to power the future. See how you can be involved as an engineer in the renewable sector.

Giving Movement Back


Learn how engineers help society in many ways, including giving movement back through prosthetic limbs. You will assemble and test a 3D printed prosthetic hand and learn about the mechanics and robotics behind this life changing device.

Study Fresh


Students will put their electrical engineering hats on to create an air quality detection device to test the air quality of their classroom by programming Raspberry Pi’s while learning about the importance of indoor air quality.

Clean Water


This workshop focuses on issues related to sanitation and the provision of water. It aims to educate students about the current global water crisis and how to reduce their own water usage while designing and building a simple water filtration system for developing countries.



Students will work together in groups to design, construct and launch a solid fuel model rocket. The workshop teaches engineering concepts such as analysing and balancing forces, aerodynamics, and decision-making.

Facility tours


Take part in tailored tours of our incredible Engineering precinct at UQ, including UQ Innovate - a newly developed makerspace facility where students and staff meet, collaborate and create within the inviting design spaces and access to modern technologies. There is also the 5-star green rated Advanced Engineering Building houses practical learning labs for engineering students.


near Lakeside Café
Level 2, Advanced Engineering Building (49)
Meet at natural amphitheatre