Staff in the Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology carry out teaching and learning focussed projects every year. The faculty provides grant funding for this purpose, in areas of strategic importance.

Current EAIT Teaching and Learning Grants

  • Enhancing Student Learning and Student Experience in Project-Based Teamwork across EAIT
    Funding awarded to: Ms Bev Coulter, Prof Mark Hickman, Assoc Prof Greg Birkett, Dr Marie Boden, Ms Melanie Fleming, Ms Lorna Macdonald, Dr Frederico Fialho Teixeira
    Additional project participants: Assoc Prof Saiied Aminossadati, Ms Angela Bushell, Dr Mashhuda Glencross, Dr Ben Matthews, Prof Kate O'Brien, Dr Lisa Ottenhaus, Assoc Prof Dave Callaghan, Assoc Prof Stephen Viller
  • Academic Integrity for Code and Non-Text-Based Media
    Funding awarded to: Ms Lorna Macdonald, Dr Thomas Christy
    Additional project participants: Ms Melanie Fleming, Ms Kim Henville
  • Enhancing the Capacity of the 4-Dimensional Construction Learning Environment
    Funding awarded to: Assoc Prof Chris Landorf, Dr Paul Matthew, Assoc Prof Liza O'Moore, Assoc Prof Mark Jones
    Additional project participants: Mr James Hardy, Mr Phil Waller
  • EAITKnowHow - Scoping the Development of a Streamlined Training Platform for Commencing EAIT Students
    Funding awarded to: Ms Angela Bushell, Assoc Prof Saiied Aminossadati, Dr Grant Edwards, Ms Melanie Fleming, Mr Stephen Wilcox
    Additional project participants: Ms Kim Henville, Mr James Hardy, Ms Lisa Deacon
  • Blended Data Science Learning for Engineering Students
    Funding awarded to: Assoc Prof Gianluca Demartini, Prof Shazia Sadiq, Dr Ash Rahimi, Dr Archie Chapman
    Additional project participants: Ms Nina Bianco, Ms Kim Henville
  • "Learning to Program is Hard", But Why is This So?
    Funding awarded to: Dr Rowan Gollan, Dr Christopher Leonardi, Dr Peter O'Shea, Mr Richard Thomas, Dr Paul Vrbik, Prof Kate O'Brien, Dr Mehmet Yildirimoglu
    Additional project participants: Ms Melanie Fleming
  • Extension to the Analysis of Online Learning: What Does and Does Not Work?
    Funding awarded to: Assoc Prof Greg Birkett, Ms Melanie Fleming, Dr Remo Cossu, Mr Richard Thomas, Dr Frederico Fialho Teixeira, Dr Hassan Khosravi
    Additional project participants: Dr Michael Heitzmann, Ms Bev Coulter, Ms Sarah Gwynne
  • Indigenising the Bachelor of Architectural Design and Bachelor of Design History and Theory Curricula
    Funding awarded to: Dr Kelly Greenop, Ms Carroll Go-Sam, Dr Susan Holden

Previous Grants