Strengthen your employability from first year

It’s never too early to start enhancing your employability.

We encourage you to participate in employability enhancing activities from your first year of university, so by final year, you have mastered the skills and ready for a career with a purpose.

The current graduate employment market is competitive. A degree is no longer a stand-alone differentiator.

Employers are looking for candidates who have utilised their time at university by developing their enterprise skills and industry experience along the way.

That’s where the EAIT Student Employability Team can help. We work with you to understand your career identity, direction, strengths and where your personal and professional values are positioned. We guide you with tailored resources and support you to develop the capabilities needed in addition to your degree, for a successful lifelong career.

We prepare you for industry!

How to get involved from first year:

Networking doesn’t just mean with industry contacts. Look to your student cohort and UQ contacts to build your network. You never know where it might lead to.

Participating in co-curricular activities will help you stand out in the recruitment process and will provide you with extra content for your resume and interviews.

Start early, enhance your employability throughout your degree to be job-ready!

  • Complete work experience and internships throughout your degree.
  • Complete the online Career Kickstarter modules to create your resume and cover letter.
  • Apply for scholarships every year.
  • Record and submit your Engineering Professional Practice hours and reflective journals on time.
  • Start applying for graduate positions and researching companies of interest to you.
  • Develop and practice your elevator pitch.