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The Meet a Mentor Program is a rewarding initiative that connects penultimate (students in the second last year of their university degree) and final year engineering, architecture, and information technology students with established alumni and industry professionals with more than seven years experience in industry.

The program aims to motivate, encourage, empower and transform the next generation of professionals entering the industry.

Meet a Mentor will assist students with their career development and transition from university into the workforce, engaging business professionals in a mutually beneficial partnership.

Mentees are required to fill out a short question and answer application process, and all successful mentees will self-select their mentor. This is generally based on study discipline, shared interests, or career aspirations which are outlined as part the registration process.

Mentors and mentees are expected to connect for at least four one-on-one mentor sessions (in-person, phone, email or online). Each mentoring session should last for a minimum of one hour, and the mentoring relationship should be maintained for the minimum time frame of a six-month period, unless mutually agreed by both mentor and mentee.

If you have any queries about the program, please contact the Meet a Mentor team via email:

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Our meet a mentor program is creating change

Emily Robertson

Emily Robertson

Bachelor of Architectural Design
Student Mentee

As a Bachelor of Architecture student in my final year of study, the prospect of navigating the architecture industry and networking with professionals was really daunting. Having no experience or connections in the industry, finding a job seemed like an insurmountable task. Luckily, I had the opportunity to take part in the 2021 Meet a Mentor program where I was connected with my mentor Phil Hindmarsh: a practicing architect from the firm "Archipelago".

Speaking with Phil genuinely helped me not only to find my footing in the architecture industry, but also helped me to gain confidence in myself and my abilities - something which would become invaluable when it came to developing my portfolio and interviewing for jobs. Through connecting with Phil, I was able to ask questions and receive open and honest answers, allowing me to enter the job industry with a foresight I otherwise wouldn't have. I was even given the opportunity to go on-site visits and see real architecture firms at work - things that, as a student, I had never seen before.

Thanks to my experience with this program, I have a newfound confidence in myself and a more informed understanding of the Architecture industry. I am incredibly grateful to Phil and the program coordinators for this amazing opportunity.

Alastair MacLeod

Alastair MacLeod

Bachelor of Engineering Civil (Hons) 1967

After 40 years working in heavy civil engineering, including 20 years overseas, I returned to Brisbane in 2009.

I was always interested in mentoring young engineers in an informal sense in my workplace, but on return to Brisbane I was able to be involved in the UQ Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology Meet a Mentor Program. My involvement has allowed me to take a more structured approach and I have been participating in the program now for 3 years.

Last year I mentored two third year civil engineering students, Kate Upton and Ben Tickell both from regional Queensland areas and I was impressed with their enthusiasm. It was great to have two hard working and motivated people to work with.

After the formal Meet a Mentor introductory session, we met and set out our expectations and what we all wanted to achieve from the Program.  Our ongoing coffee sessions outlined the next actions to be taken in preparing CV’s, applying for vacation and part-time employment and guidance on what working in different civil engineering disciplines would involve.

I got great satisfaction from being able to assist both students in obtaining positions with reputable consulting firms in areas that they wished to explore further. It was also rewarding to see them enjoying the real-life experience of working in the engineering sector, applying the skills and knowledge they obtained throughout their studies and through our mentoring sessions.

The Faculty is to be commended for conducting this very worthwhile and rewarding Program which provides invaluable assistance to our future engineering, architecture and information technology graduates in the formative part of their professional training and giving us old alumni confidence in our future young engineering professionals.