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Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology

electrical testing equipment

Electrical items used within the faculty must undergo electrical safety testing (Test & Tag) prior to use. This not only includes electrical laboratory apparatus and workshop machinery but also electrical I.T. items such as PC's and screens, as well as AC power adapters and chargers for personal mobile devices that are plugged in to an electrical outlet on campus.

Note: Any battery-powered devices, such as mobile phones, tablets or laptops, do not require testing. Only the associated charger/adapter and/or any mains power lead that plugs into an electrical outlet requires testing.

The test performed on these items is non-destructive, non-invasive and only takes a few minutes. Once tested, an adhesive tag is attached to each item. This tag shows the test date and the date when the item is due to be retested. It is the operator’s responsibility to visibly check that any item of electrical equipment shows no signs of damage and has an in-date test tag prior to using it. If an item has no test tag or is damaged, Do NOT use the equipment. Ensure it is switched off and secured so others cannot use it.

‘Walk up’ test and tagging is available Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 3:00pm at the EAIT Delivery point in the Don Nicklin Building 74 room 113B. (No booking required)

Enquiries regarding Test and Tagging can be sent to facilities@eait.uq.edu.au  

**Please note that international power adapter plugs, piggyback plugs and un-switched power boards are not permitted for use within UQ**

Additional guidance on Electrasafe test and tag at UQ can be found here - https://ppl.app.uq.edu.au/content/2.20.07-electrasafe-test-and-tag