The Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)/Master of Engineering integrated program underwent a structural change in 2021. Instead of specialisations and majors, like in the BE(Hons) program structure, students select a field of study in their area of interest. 

Available Fields of Study:

What has been discontinued in the previous BE (Hons)/ME Structure?

  • Fields of Study that have been discontinued are: Chemical and Biological Engineering and Civil, Fire Safety Engineering, Chemical and Materials Engineering. Students in these fields will be able to complete their field of study by adhering to teach out plans.
  • ENGG1200 - a compulsory course in the pre-2021 BE(Hons)/ME program was last offered in Semester 2, 2020 – What is the replacement course for ENGG1200?
  • ENGG1700 replaces ENGG1400 – some dynamics content is moving to MATH1052. * If you commenced prior to 2021 and are studying Mechanical or Mechatronics, and have NOT completed ENGG1400, please seek advice from your Academic Advisor.

I want to change to the current BE(Hons)/ME program structure

If you choose to change to the current curriculum, you will be required to follow the program structure and program requirements for the year that you change. Please note that in some instances, there are no existing substitutions for compulsory courses in the current program.

This may mean that you will be required to complete additional courses above the minimum program requirements. In addition, due to the progressive rollout of some new course offerings, this may also result in a potential delay to your graduation.

It is very important that existing students seek academic advice before requesting to change into the current program.

Download plans to complete your program or transition to the current program