Get started in Engineering

Welcome to your engineering studies in the Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology.

These steps will help you get started on your UQ engineering journey.


3. Get organised to study before semester begins

There are a number of things you can do to ensure you hit the ground running when semester begins:

Time management

The expectation at UQ is that you need to spend at least 10–12 hours per week for each course you are enrolled in (this includes class time, additional study, and working on assessment tasks). For a normal full-time study load (#8 units), this is 40–48 hours per week (or more, if you want to achieve higher grades).

UQ offers some great resources to help you set goals and to for planning your study time on a daily, weekly, and semester basis.

Study skills and time management

It is recommended that in your first semester at UQ you should limit paid employment to 8-10 hrs per week. If you have caring duties, health problems, or other responsibilities that means you can’t commit to 40-48hrs per week you should get in touch with an academic advisor to discuss whether a reduced study load is possible.