UQ Shines at AIA State Awards

27 June 2023

The University of Queensland’s School of Architecture was well represented on the podium of the Australian Institute of Architects (AIA) state awards last week.

The awards, which are highly competitive at the state level, recognised the exceptional work of Queensland architects in various categories.

Mr Kim Baber’s QFES North Coast Regional Headquarters and Maryborough Fire and Rescue Station, is a remarkable culmination of his years of practice and research in timber construction.

This project, recognised with an AIA Award in the category of Public Architecture, has drawn upon research from his Gottstein Fellowship and the ARC Future Timber Hub, which investigates how to diversify and increase the scale of buildings constructed from timber in Australia.

“The project establishes a valuable precedent, being a State Government owned and operated facility that, through the team’s research and advocacy, taken on the commitment to using local, renewable materials that reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” Mr Baber said.

QFES North Coast Regional Headquarters and Maryborough Fire and Rescue Station | Baber Studio Architects | Photographer: Christopher Frederick Jones

Another project that received a Commendation in the Small Project category was the Blue Bower project by Dr Silvia Micheli and Associate Professor Antony Moulis, the outcome of a collaboration with Phorm Architecture + Design.

The Blue Bower is an urban pavilion that serves as an architectural postcard from Brisbane to Seoul that celebrates the convergence of architectural expertise within industry and academia, and also enabled UQ students to engage in the immersive process of design and construction.

“I welcome this recognition from the Australian Institute of Architects as a significant confirmation of the relevance of interaction between academia and practice that we are fostering in the School of Architecture at UQ,” Dr Micheli said.

“Blue Bower accelerated our students’ learning and created opportunities to network with industry,” Associate Professor Moulis said. “As they head out into practice, this award provides real inspiration.”

Blue Bower | Phorm architecture + design with Silvia Micheli and Antony Moulis | Photographer: David Chatfield

These achievements showcase not only the exceptional talent and expertise within UQ's School of Architecture but also the remarkable accomplishments of UQ alumni who were also honoured at the awards ceremony.

Links to the awarded projects: