Hypersonix successfully demonstrates SPARTAN scramjet performance from Mach 5 to Mach 10

20 May 2021

This article was originally published by Hypersonix.

Hypersonix Launch Systems’ Australian produced SPARTAN fifth generation scramjet engine has demonstrated in a hypersonic shock tunnel that it can accelerate up to 10 times the speed of sound in real life flight conditions.

Aerospace engineers from Hypersonix Launch Systems (Hypersonix) conducted 111 ground firing tests for the SPARTAN scramjet engine at the University of Queensland's world leading T4 shock tunnel test facility in Brisbane.

"We're thrilled with the results," said Hypersonix CEO and co-founder David Waterhouse.

"We put our SPARTAN scramjet through 111 shock tunnel test shots from Mach 5 to Mach 10 and it came through with flying colours, validating our latest design." Mr Waterhouse said.

"These tests show our fixed geometry scramjet can accelerate to high speeds and deliver high ISP in real flight conditions.”

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