Fixing data gone wrong

17 May 2021

This article was originally published in Momentum Magazine.

Home truth – data makes many organisations and leaders nervous! Used correctly, data can be a game-changer, adding value to customers’ lives and transforming businesses. But when data is mismanaged, the organisations responsible are splashed across the media for data and privacy breaches.

Recent industry reports identify ‘data gone wrong’ as the biggest risk factor for emerging digital technologies such as artificial intelligence and autonomous decision making.

However, with the right planning, a business can build information resilience to make embracing new technologies less risky, according to technology leadership expert from The University of Queensland, Professor Shazia Sadiq.

“When it comes to information management, many organisations are struggling with the ‘ingredients’ needed to create resilience – they’re hampered by inefficient data curation, not having the right data partnerships and nervous about a lack of algorithmic transparency,” says Shazia.

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