Doctor turns to design with Masters of Architecture

17 Dec 2018

From treating patients to designing buildings, a doctor has swapped scripts for sketches and graduated with his Masters of Architecture from The University of Queensland.

Dr Daniel Park said he always had an interest in architecture, but it fell off the radar after high school when he decided to become a doctor.

“I’m quite bihemispheric in interests – I enjoy the arts and the sciences equally and excelled in both at school,” he said.

“Architecture seemed to be the right mix of the two.”

Dr Park graduated with his Bachelors of Architectural Design in 2015, before starting his Masters, while working as a clinical tutor and course coordinator at UQ’s Faculty of Medicine.

“As a graduating architecture student, I have seen the pleasure and pitfalls of designing human habitations,” he said.

“Though some may see these two fields as polar opposites, I see them as complementary to formulate better solutions in our growing world.”

After graduating with a Bachelor of Medicine and a Bachelor of Surgery more than ten years ago, Dr Park was initially concerned about the challenges that could come with being a mature aged student.

“Being an older student, I was concerned being mixed with so many school leavers – this turned out to be far less of an issue in the long run,” he said.

“In fact, I think the diversity has been wonderful.”

Dr Park started working at leading international architecture and design firm ThomsonAdsett earlier this year.

“I’m hoping to continue to learn new skills right where I am,” he said.

“Hopefully I’ll also get to do a bit of travel and continue to partake in the wonderful extra-curricular events in the industry.”