Why women should study engineering

A career in engineering is rewarding, with great possibilities and career satisfaction. There is an ever-growing need for more women in engineering. Engineering teams must be diverse to enhance innovative solutions and creativity, and WE are proud to work towards a more equitable balance of gender in our engineering cohort for an industry that is ready. 

Women in Engineering educate and inspire young women to consider a career in engineering, support them through their university experience, and ensure they are adequately prepared and enjoy a smooth transition into an exciting career in industry.

Diverse career opportunities 

Engineering is an exciting career, with endless job prospects and pathways. You'll develop the skills and knowledge for practical solutions that impact the world we live in. Consider some of the focus areas that align with your passions and aspirations that will guide you towards a successful engineering career.

  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Built Environment
  • Digital and Technology
  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Health
  • Resources
  • Space 

An engineering degree may also give you the option to travel the world and explore wider opportunities.

Make an impact

Take on some of the world’s biggest challenges with opportunities from space travel to life-saving medical devices, engineers work to solve the world’s greatest challenges. Engineering is a career that is abundant in opportunity and innovation. There are many engineering professions, all with one consistent engineering principle: to innovate.

A rewarding career

A career in engineering can be extremely rewarding. Engineers help to save lives and create new technology that directly improves the quality of life for others. Be part of environmental, social and economic change as complex challenges move forward toward sustainable and connected solutions. Make a mark on a world that is changing with a career in engineering.

A career with endless possibilities

Engineers work at the forefront of innovation across established and emerging industries. Many of the world’s future jobs haven’t been invented yet. If you have the ambition to make a difference, improve the lives of others, and change the world as we know it, engineering may be the career for you.