Engineering (Honours)
(Mechanical and Aerospace)

Degree: Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Mechanical and Aerospace) / Master of Engineering

Why did you choose to study at UQ?

I chose UQ because of the opportunity and the potential it gives to students both in the academic and industry profession sense, especially in Aerospace. UQ also provides students with a broader amount of Engineering disciplines and specialisation, which wasn’t an option at the previous university I studied at. 

What’s been your favourite course so far and why?

MECH3100 –Mechanical Systems Design. This course was when we worked in a group to build a major project proposal from scratch and even had a competition. This was a very hands-on course where we designed, manufactured, and tested a vehicle from scratch. This was very inspiring to see because all of the years studying engineering, all of the theories and principles we’ve learned so far were within the palm of our hands and were implemented in the real world. It gave a glimpse of an exciting future ahead.

If you could give one piece of advice to someone considering studying at UQ, what would that be?

Have an idea of what you want to do and talk to UQ about the possibilities. 
Also, try to find something that goes beyond your degree and adds value. UQ is good at this too.