Engineering (Honours) (Chemical) /
Science (Biomedical Science)

Degree: Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Chemical and Biomedical) / Bachelor of Science (Biomedical Science)

Who or what made you choose to study this?

I have always enjoyed maths and science in school. I grew up with a parent who was very into wood working and inventing and would always watch and join in. As I grew up I was told I wasn’t allowed to pursue engineering due to being a female and a minority and the difficulties I would face. I looked for other options but somehow I always came back to engineering. Eventually I decided I was willing to do whatever it took to do engineering and I do not regret it.

If you could give one piece of advice to someone considering studying at UQ, what would that be?

Do your research on what you want to do at university particularly with clubs and extra-curricular you never know what you might find and what you would never consider or even heard of before enrolling in the university.

What do you hope to do when you graduate?

I hope to work in medical devices creating new bones, tissues and other medical needs to both maximise and make more efficient processes in the medical field. Particularly those going through through cancer and those who have to have skin grafts done.