Master of
Data Science

Degree: Master of Data Science

Who or what made you choose to study this?

I finished my undergrad in Science & Commerce and I was looking for a career path that had the scientific methodology of physics and the people aspect of commerce. Data Science is often about people, so it was a perfect match.

What do you love most about your degree?

I love the variety in data science, the basic principles can be applied to so many domains and I enjoy learning about new areas for every project.

Tell us a bit about any internships you have participated in.

I recently was a part of the UQ AI Collaboratory Internship. It's was a great opportunity to meet like minded people, and talking about their projects has been really fun. As for the project itself, it was on making AI technology accessible to all skill levels so that clinicians could easily use it in medical imaging. I think it gave me a fresh perspective on how I would like to contribute in data science.