What is the new program structure?

  • 16 units of Core Courses; and
  • 16 to 32 units of Bachelor of Computer Science Plan options; and
  • 0 to 16 units of program electives or general electives

Bachelor of Computer Science Plan Options are:

  • No major option; or
  • Single major option; or
  • Extended major option; or
  • Two majors option .

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What majors are available?

Majors are available in the following areas:

Data Science is also available as an extended major.

I want to change to the new program structure

In some instances, pre-2021 students may choose to change to the new program structure. To do this, you will be required to submit a program change request via mySI-net during the program change request window. You are strongly advised to complete the transition checklist and seek academic advice before requesting a program change. Once a program change is approved, you will not be permitted to return to the discontinued structure.

If you choose to change, you will be required to follow the 2021 program structure and program requirements. Please note that in some instances, there are no existing substitutions for new compulsory courses in the new program.

This may mean that you will be required to complete additional courses above the minimum program requirements. In addition, due to the progressive rollout of some new course offerings, this may also result in a potential delay to your graduation.

It is very important that existing students seek academic advice before requesting to change into the new program.

What new dual programs are available?

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Need help?

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