Professor Amin Abbosh has been a UQ citizen since 2005. He is the leader of UQ’s 42-strong Electromagnetic Innovations (ƐMAGIN) team. He served the school of ITEE as Director of Research Training and then Director of Research for five years. Before that, he was an ARC Future Fellow at UQ working on Electromagnetic Medical Imaging.

During his service at UQ, he led more than 25 ARC, CRC-P, and Industry projects. Thus, his experience spans fundamental research to research translation in using electromagnetic techniques for medical imaging, microwave engineering and telecommunications. As recognition of Amin’s international standing in research, he was awarded with the high doctorate (Doctor of Engineering) from the University of Queensland in 2013. In 2016, Amin was awarded with UQ’s Excellence in RHD Supervision due to his significant contributions to the future of research by leading and mentoring the next generation of researchers.

Researcher biography

Doctor of Engineering (UQ, 2013) on Analysis and Design of Wideband Passive Microwave Devices for Telecomm and Medical Imaging

Amin M Abbosh has BSc , MSc and PhD degrees in Electrical Engineering (Mosul University), and a Graduate Cert in Higher Education and a D.Eng. degree in Microwave Engineering (The University of Queensland, UQ).

He is now a Professor and Leader of the UQ Electromagnetic Innovations team (EMAGIN). Previously, he served as the Head of the School of IT and Electrical Engineering (now Electrical Engineering and Computer Science) at UQ, Leader of the Cooperative Research Centre (CRC-P) in EM Imaging, Director of Research, and Director of Research Training.

His main research interests are electromagnetic medical imaging, design & analysis of microwave devices for wideband performance, antennas & radio wave propagation.