Popular EAIT Semester Exchange Destinations

Study overseas for one or two semesters and gain credit toward your UQ program.

UQ has 120+ exchange partners in 30+ countries, and there are about 50-60 relevant partners for your EAIT program and major. See our list of popular EAIT semester-based exchange destinations below for examples of which host universities have been the most frequented for your program/major. You will also find additional recommended options that are strongly ranked in your study area and for student exchange experience that would also be a great choice for your program. Find out more about the exchange program and our host universities.

MajorMost PopularAlso Recommended
Chemical Engineering1.    Technical Uni of Denmark, Denmark
2.    Uni of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
3.    Imperial College London, UK 
4.    Univ of California (Berkeley), USA 
5.    KAIST, South Korea
1. University of Manchester, UK 
2. Lund University, Sweden
3. University of Waterloo, Canada
Civil Engineering1.    University of South Carolina, USA
2.    Purdue University, USA 
3.    Technical Uni of Munich, Germany 
4.    Uni of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
5.    University College Dublin, Ireland

1. Imperial College London, UK 
2. Hong Kong Polytechnic
3. University of British Columbia, Canada
4. Politecnico di Milano, Italy 

Electrical Engineering and
Software Engineering

1.    Technical Uni of Munich, Germany 
2.    Lund University, Sweden
3.    National Uni Singapore, Singapore
4.    Purdue University, USA 
5.    University of Edinburgh, UK

1. CentraleSupéléc, France
2. Nanyang Technical University, Singapore 
Mechanical Engineering
and Mechatronic Engineering
1.    Purdue University, USA 
2.    Technical Uni of Munich, Germany 
3.    University of Edinburgh, UK
4.    Uni Toronto, Canada
5.    Lund University, Sweden
1. Delft University of Technology, Netherlands (Mechanical and Aerospace) 
2. KAIST, South Korea
Architecture and Design1.    Politecnico di Milano, Italy 
2.    Technical Uni of Munich, Germany 
3.    Lund Uni, Sweden (Masters only)
4.    Delft Uni of Technology, Netherlands
5.    Uni of Massachusetts, USA
1. University College Dublin, Ireland
2. Korea University, South Korea
3. IE University, Spain
Computer Science and
Information Technology
1.    Technical Uni of Munich, Germany 
2.    University of British Columbia, Canada
3.    National Uni of Singapore, Singapore
4.    University of Edinburgh, UK
5.    Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

1. Nanyang Technical University, Singapore 
2. KAIST, South Korea
3. Technical Uni of Denmark, Denmark


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Global Experience Funding

There is a range of scholarships and grants available to support your global experience.

Find out more: employability.uq.edu.au/exchange-funding

ScholarshipAmountEligible students
Internships and Global Experiences GrantsUp to $2000Available for semester exchange and short-term experiences
OS-HELP LoanUp to $8000Available for domestic students only
New Colombo Plan Mobility Funding$3000-$7000Available for specific destinations in Asia
Westpac Asian Exchange Scholarships$12,000Available for specific destinations in Asia
Gus Wiles Chemical Engineering Scholarship $5000Majors from School of Chemical Engineering 
Frank Joseph Murphy BursaryUp to $5000Majors from School of ITEE 
John Simmons Mobility Fund$500-$1500Majors from School of Mechanical and Mining Engineering
Women in Action Fund$1000Female domestic students in EAIT Faculty programs
Fourth Year Travelling Fund$TBDFourth year Engineering students completed exchange previous year


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EAIT's Hot Tips for Exchange

  1. If you have any elective courses, save them to complete during your global experience
  2. First year is a great time to plan when and where you’d like to go
  3. Go for it! Including a global experience in your program will most likely be a highlight of your time at UQ
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