The Science and Engineering Challenge, run in parnership with The University of Newcastle, helps Year 9 and 10 students to foster their interest in STEM, with the hope that more students will consider future careers in these areas.

The Challenge involves a full day of practical activities where students put their best problem-solving minds to

  • design efficient codes to send secret messages along fibre optic rods using pulses of coloured light.
  • build a strong model bridge that can support a trolley carrying ‘gold’ ingots from one side of a test rig to the other, and much more!

Activitities may include, but are not limited to:

  1. Bridge
  2. Confounding Communications
  3. Return to Mars
  4. Job Juggle
  5. ElectraCITY
  6. Flight
  7. Stringways
  8. Helter Skelter Shelter

Students are encouraged to approach the challenges with creativity, innovation and teamwork. Through the Challenge, students experience aspects of science and engineering which they would not usually see in their school environment.


$440 per school. Payable upon invoice from UQ after registration.

Who attends:

Each school brings a team of between 16 and 32, Year 9-10 students. A maximum of 8 schools per day compete against each other at one venue. Each school 'team' is divided into eight groups of between 2 to 4 students per group. Each group will then do either one full-day activity, or two half-day activities (i.e. one activity in the morning session, and a different one in the afternoon session).

A Teacher Information Pack will be sent to you following registration. 

UQ will issue your school an invoice following registration.


Union Road,
St Lucia
The UQ Centre