UQ Women in Engineering welcomed Meagan Bebendorf to the team in 2021 as the program’s dedicated Marketing Coordinator. In order to effectively communicate and engage with our primary target audience and get our message further afield, it is imperative that we utilise digital marketing to its full advantage. Meagan will be tasked with reviewing our platforms, messaging and content to ensure that we are aligning with our target audiences and gaining maximum reach and engagement. Digital marketing will be a main contributor to assisting us with our 2023 target.

Social Media

Already the program has seen increased engagement and reach on both Facebook and Instagram, gaining the attention of future students, current students, women in engineering, and the wider community within Australia and further afield. The overall goal for our social media platforms is to create an inclusive and informative platform to promote the diverse opportunities available within engineering.

The UQWomeninEngineering Facebook page is dedicated to current engineering students at UQ, while also providing incredible insight into the life of a UQ student for future students considering tertiary studies. 

The womenin_engineering Instagram page is dedicated to the engineering industry as a whole, featuring inspiring women in engineering from all over the world, and showcasing the many specialties and endless career pathways available within engineering.

In 2021, we have featured women in engineering from a range of countries including but not limited to: Australia, United States of America, Angola, Serbia, Hungary, United Kingdom, Canada, and The United Arab Emirates. Our Instagram page recently surpassed 3,000 followers and enjoys a consistent flow of esteemed women in engineering who are keen to be featured on the page from all over the world. 

Both social pages are ranked 1st against all 15 competitors (direct and indirect competitors) in a number of key categories including engagement and followers and are tracking well above the competitor average for all remaining categories. 

If I didn't see a post made by UQ WE on one of your social media platforms I would probably never find out such a great opportunity for young engineering graduates, which will certainly kick start not only my career in engineering, but also help me adapt and build networking contacts in the chosen field of engineering.

2021 Electrical Engineering graduating student

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Paid advertising

Aligning with our goals to engage with female high school students located in regional schools, we are exploring several digital marketing opportunities through social media to this audience in 2022. We are also exploring the opportunities available to use remarketing to reach our desired audience. Remarketing enables us to track visitors to our website and send a targeted and tailored message to a specific audience from these visitors, for example, targeting female high school students living in Mackay that have visited the engineering program page.

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