ART-ificial Intelligence: UQ scientists pair up with street artists as part of street-art festival

1 Jun 2021

This article was originally published by UQ Ventures.

Three new murals by Australian street artists in collaboration with The University of Queensland (UQ) researchers will add colour to Brisbane’s streets in a globally unique art initiative as part of the Brisbane Street Art Festival.

The sub-program of the festival, Visualising AI – Science Meets Street Art Co-Lab brings together art and science to create visual representations of artificial intelligence (AI) with the aim of raising community awareness and understanding of AI. UQ AI experts have been paired with up-and-coming street artists ahead for the festival next month to transform multidimensional abstract concepts into visual artworks.

Queensland AI Hub will be home to the first mural, which is a collaboration between UQ AI expert Dr Sally Shrapnel and artist Damien Kamholtz. 

Other UQ researchers participating include Professor Janet Wiles from the School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering and Professor Scott Chapman from the School of Agriculture and Food Sciences.

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