Engineering podcast series: Floating into the future

15 Oct 2020

Imagine an entire city floating peacefully and sustainably on water, its energy comes from waves and wind, food is fish that grows in specially-designed ocean-based structures…this is the life work of globally renowned structural engineer and UQ researcher Professor CM Wang.

His vision for a more sustainable future will leave you inspired.

"[In the future,] we will be much richer in terms of new energies available, living will be clean, and farming could change in ways we never thought possible,” he said.

Hear more about his work and how engineers can help to make a better world in the final episode of But Seriously, What is Engineering? Season One.

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Duration: 19:45 mins

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Meet our guests

Professor CM Wang

Professor C.M. Wang is the TMR Chair Professor in Structural Engineering, The University of Queensland.

He is a Chartered Structural Engineer, a Fellow of the Institution of Engineers Singapore, a Fellow of Academy of Engineering Singapore, a Fellow of the Institution of Structural Engineers and a Fellow of the Society of Floating Solutions (Singapore).

His research interests are in the areas of structural stability, vibration, optimization, plated structures and Mega‐Floats.

View his UQ Researcher profile.