Engineering podcast series: Breaking the engineering code

6 Oct 2020

Engineering has many diverse disciplines, so finding your niche can take some time.

Today we speak to UQ software engineering student, Jessica Rock, and hear how she found her calling in software engineering.

Jess wasn’t always convinced engineering was for her. Jess found the more traditional engineering disciplines like civil or mechanical engineering didn’t spark her interest. It was only when she studied her first software engineering courses that she discovered the joys of coding and grew to love the discipline.

For Jess, the ability to solve problems, see immediate results, and use software as a means for positive change are the ingredients to a rewarding career in coding.

To learn more about studying engineering at UQ visit the Future Students website.

Duration: 10:17 mins

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Meet our guests

Jessica Rock

Jessica is a third-year software engineering student at The University of Queensland. Growing up on the Sunshine Coast, the move to Brisbane was a little daunting, but the experience gained over her studies has made it all worth it. Last year, she completed a semester abroad in Toronto, Canada as a part of UQ's global experience program and this year, her involvement as a Women in Engineering student leader allows her to share her passion for diversity and equal opportunity for all. As she approaches her final year of study, she is excited for the positive impact she can have in the workplace and her contribution to a more accessible and innovative future.

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