Powering up her career

19 Sep 2019

Josephine is in her third year of a dual degree in Engineering and Arts, and trying to decide which path to follow. She knows she wants to be an engineer, and says her Arts degree is just for personal interest, but she’s not sure what type of engineering she’s most interested in.

Josephine was recommended for a casual position as a student engineer with UQ’s Properties and Facilities (P&F) team, and as part of that was able to get involved with the Warwick Solar Farm project.

“When I went in for the interview, I did some background research, and I saw that the Warwick Solar Farm was getting started,” she says. “I got a chance to ask some questions about it and expressed some interest.

“I was really interested in power or aeronautical areas, and the solar farm is a really good opportunity to see if I enjoy working in that kind of field,” she says.

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