Chemical engineer turned financial entrepreneur

5 Dec 2018

A former Chemical Engineering student is changing the way children and adults think about money and retirement through her two education businesses.

University of Queensland Alumna Lacey Filipich co-founded Money School and Maker Kids Club, after a stint working in the mining industry in Western Australia.

“I wanted people to start thinking about financial independence and mini-retirements throughout their life,” she said.

“It’s no surprise that time poor is the catch cry of our era, because it’s our most precious, non-renewable resource.

“I wanted to give people a way to experience that wonderful time-rich feeling throughout their youth and learn how to be financially independent enough to take more time out to enjoy life.

“This is something that I realised is never properly taught at school.”

Lacey started her entrepreneurial journey at the age of 10 when she started a hair wrap stall.

She started investing at 19 and now has a passive income, allowing her to choose if, when, where, on what and with whom she works.

Between hair wraps and start-up companies, she graduated as valedictorian from UQ with an honours degree in chemical engineering.

She recently pitched her initiative to Prince Andrew at the Australian Pitch@Palace, asking for support to get her Maker Kids Club into as many school as possible through speaking at conferences.

Lacey is also seeking corporate sponsorship for remote and rural schools that wouldn’t be able to afford such programs.