Transforming teaching and learning

4 Jul 2017

UQ alumnus, Claude Reghenzani (Bachelor of Engineering, 1960) shares his experience in supporting a lectureship in architecture and civil engineering in the latest Donor Impact Report.

“As a civil engineering student in the late fifties, my interest in the interaction between engineering and architecture was kindled by Professor Robert Cummings, the then Head of the School of Architecture, as he delivered a series of lectures on architecture to third-year civil engineering students.

During my professional working life this interest was strengthened by the realisation that the world’s great iconic structures were always the result of the architect and engineer working closely together as one.

Some three years ago, upon learning that UQ’s School of Architecture was now part of the Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology, I felt that this was an opportune time for me to do something tangible in helping bridge the gap between the disciplines.

On meeting the Heads of the School of Architecture and Civil Engineering, I saw two leaders who understood very well the relationship between engineer and architect, and this continues today.

Although this is not my first financial contribution to the Faculty, it is without doubt the most personal and fulfilling, and I am thankful for the opportunity to support a lectureship in architecture and civil engineering."