EAIT Faculty at UQ Open Day!

13 Jul 2017

UQ Open Day is an incredibly fun and exciting day! It's also your chance to get a feel for what it’s like to be a UQ student.

9 am - 3 pm
Sunday 6 August 2017
UQ St Lucia campus

At the St Lucia Open Day you can speak with staff, take a campus tour and attend information sessions about studying and life at UQ.

To make your day go smoothly, you can download the UQ Nav app and find your way around the St Lucia campus with ease. We also have an online planner to make sure you don't miss anything.

Here are some things to look out for on the day:

  • Information Sessions

Throughout the day there are dozens of info sessions covering all of our engineering, architecture and information technology programs. 

  • Campus Tour

Join a campus tour on foot or explore the wider campus and student accommodation on a bus tour.

  • Visit the UQ Centre

At our info booths in the UQ Centre you can ask as many questions as you want about programs and your career options. UQ staff and students will be on hand to answer all of your questions about the programs and courses available at UQ and specifically, the Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology.

Be prepared

Read about the programs and courses we offer and have your questions ready to go!

Events like UQ Open Day can be very busy. They can leave you feeling slightly overwhelmed with information and decisions. During these moments, some students say that they have had complete memory blanks and forgotten to find answers to some of their burning questions. To help you be prepared, here are our top questions to seek answers to.

Questions to ask about programs:

  • I am interested in [degree name]. What OP or rank do I have to aim for to get entry into the program?
  • If I don’t get the minimum entry requirement, are there other recommended pathways into the program?
  • Are there any other entry requirements (subjects) which I need to meet?
  • What are typical careers I might be able to secure with this qualification? Would I need to also complete a postgraduate program to get a job?
  • How many hours of class and individual study will be required each week?
  • What is the average size of the student cohort?
  • Are my lecturers also practitioners?
  • Are there any opportunities to pick elective courses during the program?
  • What makes this program stand out from other universities?

Questions to ask about placements:

  • Will I complete any industry placements during this program?
  • Which organisations or industries does UQ partner with?
  • How many placement hours will I complete? Do I organise my own placements or does the university arrange them?

Questions to ask about UQ:

  • Are there any opportunities for me to apply for a scholarship?
  • Can students live on campus? What are the costs involved?
  • What facilities are available on campus?
  • Are there any student clubs which I could get involved in?

Questions to ask current students:

  • In your opinion, what have been the best and worst things about the course?
  • Are you enjoying the program? What are the teachers, campus, or facilities like?
  • How do you travel to and from uni? Is it better to drive or get public transport?