BiG Day In to showcase future of techno-jobs

8 Jun 2017

For teenagers entering a rapidly changing job market, staying abreast of technological advances is vital.

The Australian Computer Society Foundation’s ‘BiG Day In’, hosted tomorrow at The University of Queensland, will give 500 senior high school students an opportunity to network and gain insight from more than 50 tech-industry professionals.

Professor Michael Bruenig, Head of UQ’s ;School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, said companies like Google, Microsoft and Adobe would be represented at the event.

“While automation is forecast to cut millions of jobs by 2020, millions of new jobs are expected be created in a new ultra-high-tech employment landscape,” Professor Bruenig said.

“Most jobs in the fastest growing industries require skills in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM), and while many industries are in downturn, the digital age is creating countless new opportunities.

“Gaining insights into the technology industry early on means they can make informed decisions about their future.”

The event, hosted at UQ’s Advanced Engineering Building from 9am to 2.30pm, is also an opportunity for teachers, career advisors and other universities in South-East Queensland, to equip themselves to inspire students for a technology-based career.

“Technology really is the backbone of almost every sector today.” Professor Bruenig said.

“Students wishing to ride the technology wave should focus on their ‘human’ talents that robots cannot yet offer, including skills like creative brainstorming, thoughtful motivation and intuitive inspiration.

“Never before have technological changes been faster or more fundamental, but it is the human elements that mean technologies endure.

“From tracking your health with wearable technology; to accessing and managing data in the cloud, or protecting the community through cyber security expertise, information technology is at the core of our era.”

The Big Day In will be held at UQ on Thursday 8 June. 

UQ’s Bachelor of Information Technology is a flexible, project-focused degree that provides students with the skills and knowledge to take on the new wave of digital roles.