Maximising recovery of gas reserves a priority for researcher

30 Mar 2017

Dr Mahshid Firouzi from the School of Chemical Engineering has been awarded the prestigious 2017 Advance Queensland Fellowship.

Dr Firouzi's proposed research project aims to enhance the deliverability of coal seam gas (CSG) wells.

By developing a novel system model to predict the flowing bottom-hole pressure of CSG wells, Dr Firouzi aims to maximise the gas recovery of CSG reserves.

"This work is cutting edge applied research addressing significant production challenges in CSG which should help towards keeping Queensland’s CSG industry the most advanced," said Director of the UQ Centre for Coal Seam Gas, Professor Andrew Garnett.

Dr Firouzi’s work is supported by four of Australia’s large coal seam gas companies through the Centre for Coal Seam Gas (CCSG) – Shell (QGC), Arrow Energy, APLNG and Santos, and she will complete a placement with Arrow Energy as part of her fellowship.

This $180,000 fellowship helps to ensure that the research project addresses the real unsolved needs of the CSG industry.

The Queensland Government Advance Queensland Research Fellowships program supports scientists to undertake innovative research that can have a positive impact on Queensland.