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Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology

Professor Vicki Chen
Professor Vicki Chen, Executive Dean

If you’ve visited the campus lately, you will have noticed a hive of activity around our precinct with the construction of the Andrew N. Liveris Building well under way, new spaces being created to accommodate the Siemens test lab and possibly a sustainable way for us to capture and store energy… More on this in the coming weeks.

But what you won’t have noticed is the work going on in the background to maintain and fund our teaching, research and ambitious capital investment plan. In addition, we are facing the forthcoming cohort dip of Queensland High School leavers in 2020. This is following the introduction of Prep in 2007, with the original half-cohort of students set to graduate from high school at the end of this year.

Thus, I was very pleased to see so many prospective students and their parents attend UQ Open Day in August. Our message this year was that UQ degrees in engineering, computing and architecture are not just about taking students to a single career endpoint – they are a pathway towards making a positive impact on communities across the world.

We also showcased our newly refurbished makerspace, UQ Innovate. We transformed the old Mansergh Shaw workshop into a space where people will gather to share resources and knowledge, work on projects, network, create – and ultimately, enhance the way our students experience university life and learning. We are so excited to provide a collaborative and creative space for future ventures, to develop our students remarkable skills and passion to tackle society’s challenges.

As the evolution of the cyber security landscape accelerates with rapid information technology change, universities and training institutions need to consider how to close the widening skills gap and ensure that their graduates are well armed to keep pace.

To address this, our new Master of Cyber Security is the first in Australia to offer an integrated learning experience that applies deep strategic insight into the global cyber security landscape, beyond just their field of expertise. Our program is the first to genuinely address the interdisciplinary nature of the sector, while meeting the need for deep technical specialisation in core disciplines, which is something we’re delighted to offer in 2020.

I am also incredibly pleased to announce that Professor Lianzhou Wang has been awarded a 2019 ARC Laureate Fellowship. He has a widely recognised international reputation in the field of clean energy related to Advanced Materials. The aim of his Laureate Fellowship is to develop next-generation materials that harness solar energy to produce valuable fuels and chemicals from water and carbon dioxide, replacing fossil fuels.

I would like to thank those of you that have connected with us through research partnerships, events or encouraging your children, friends and peers to consider studying UQ. I’m sure your influence is a great contribution to the standing of UQ, and for that we are grateful.