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Violet Le
Violet Le

Meet Violet

Third Year Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) Mechatronic

What/who inspired you to choose engineering?

I remember reading an article about a 17-year-old student, Boyan Slat, who designed an Ocean Cleanup Array that is able collect and remove plastic waste from the ocean use its own currents. There are many other inspirational engineers who have inspired me to study engineering but this was certainly the moment that I remember kick-started that passion within me!

Why did you choose the specialisation you are studying?

I chose to study Mechatronic Engineering because I am passionate about cutting edge technology such as autonomous vehicles, electric vehicles and robotics. I also felt that Mechatronics would give me a competitive edge since it covers both Electrical and Mechanical engineering specialisations.

What is one thing about university or engineering that you wished you knew earlier?

I wish I knew how fundamental programming skills and knowledge was to studying engineering, particularly Electrical and Mechatronic Engineering. I really loved doing the coding courses in first year but it was such a steep learning curve as I came from a completely non-coding background. If I had known how fun and important it was in advance, I would have definitely done some background study to prepare myself properly for the coding courses I had to do.

What made you pick engineering at the University of Queensland over other universities?

I completed my first degree (Bachelor of Arts in Psychology) at UQ and really enjoyed my time and experience here, so I knew that I definitely wanted to study engineering at the same campus. I really love how beautiful the campus is and how amazing the facilities are here at UQ.

Your best tip for first-year engineering students?

Put in the time and effort and everything else will fall into place! The moment I made the conscious decision to set aside time to study and actually do the past final exam papers for practice, I saw a huge improvement in my learning and grades. Another important thing I learned that made a huge difference to my learning in engineering – ask questions. Don’t be afraid to bombard the tutors with questions. Having been a tutor myself, we absolutely love it when students ask questions.

Your favourite example of amazing engineering?

Definitely the Ocean Cleanup Array designed by Boyan Slat, founder of The Ocean Cleanup Foundation, a system that is able collect and remove plastic waste from the ocean use its own currents.

Dream engineering job when you graduate?

My dream engineering job would be to work for Tesla working with electric vehicles!

What do you hope to achieve as a WE student leader?

For me, engineering was something I found out about a lot later in my life than I would have liked. I never really knew or understood what engineering was or what it entailed. It has become a real passion of mine to ensure that more young female students are exposed to the idea of becoming an engineer as early on in their education as possible! I hope to show young women the potentials we have as the future leaders of the STEM industry and how fun and exciting an education and career in engineering as a woman will be!