Faculty of
Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology

22 July 2020 9:00am to 24 July 2020 2:30pm


UQ Centre (Building 27A)
Union Rd, St Lucia
The University of Queensland


$440 per school incl. GST

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The Science and Engineering Challenge, run in conjunction with The University of Newcastle, helps Year 9 and 10 students to foster their interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, with the hope that more students will consider future careers in these areas.

The Challenge involves a full day of practical activities where students put their best problem-solving minds to the test designing an earthquake-proof tower, building a hovercraft or bridge, providing electricity to a city or creating an environmentally friendly house. 

The exhilarating day culminates in the final task, where students put their efforts to the test in front of excited onlookers. Teams design and build bridges that should withhold loads as weighted ingots (blocks of metal) travel from one side to the other. Students are encouraged to approach the challenges with creativity, innovation and team work.

Through the Challenge, students experience aspects of Science and Engineering which they would not usually see in their school environment.



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