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Advancement, Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and IT

8 July 2019 5:15pm to 8:00pm


The Long Room
Customs House
399 Queen Street
Brisbane City

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Leaders of Influence Brisbane

Industry leaders, friends and alumni of The University of Queensland are invited to attend a special ‘Leaders of Influence’ Series cocktail reception, featuring Mr Maurits Van Camp, Director Research and Innovation, Umicore.

Maurits will deliver a thought provoking keynote titled 'Flicking on the switch to all electric mobility'

The transition to a circular, sustainable society is well on its way. With support from top-down initiatives like the UN Sustainable Development Goals, cities are fast integrating the circular sustainable society into all aspects of life. The driving force behind enabling this transition comes down to a few key things: an adaptation from the Materials Technology industry, education in STEM, and lifelong learning from entrepreneurial and innovative people. A mere 11 years away, predictions for 2030 Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) sales range from 25 – 40% of total new passenger cars. With Tesla leading the charge on BEV, the chase is on for the traditional and newer international automakers. 

Umicore has repositioned itself as a clean mobility company supplying emission control catalyst, battery materials and fuel cell catalyst to the market. The growth of electric mobility discussion is based on Umicore’s involvement in the market. Internal combustion engines may still be thriving, but the transition to all electric mobility is closer than we think.

Following Mr Van Camp’s keynote lecture, a diverse panel of industry professionals will discuss and share their perspectives on the future of electric mobility in Australia.

Panel members:
Mr Maurits Van Camp, Director of Research and Innovation, Umicore
Mr David Finn, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Tritium
Professor Karen Hussey, Director, Centre for Policy Futures, UQ

Networking over drinks and canapes will follow the lecture.

 About Maurits Van Camp

Mr Maurits Van Camp is the Director of Research and Innovation at Umicore NV based in Brussels Belgium. Mr Van Camp has held various positions during his 38 years’ service with Umicore in the field of research, development and innovation including Director Competency Platform Recycling and Extraction Technology and Coach Pyro metallurgy to name a few. Maurits is passionate about the materials technology industry as an enabler of transition in society.

Maurits studied Engineering at the University of Leuven in Belgium where he then went on to complete a Master or Material Science, then went on to complete a Master of Extractive Metallurgy at the University of Utah.


About Leaders of Influence

The 'Leaders of Influence' Series engages high calibre industry leaders to present to our alumni and community on the current and critical issues impacting Australian and global engineering, architecture and IT companies.

​The Series, hosted by UQ's Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology, are held in capital cities around Australia.


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