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Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology

Mandatory UQ workplace training for all staff

All new staff are required to complete the following online training/inductions, and experienced tutors must refresh this training as outlined:

Training via learn.uq

Select the following modules in **Learning Modules** and **Assessments**. Note that you must achieve a mark of 80% to pass the assessment.

  • UQ Health, Safety and Wellness Induction (every 5 years)

  • Annual Fire Safety Training (must refresh training annually)

  • Code of Conduct Training (every 2 years)

  • UQ Privacy Training (every 5 years)

  • Fraud and Corruption Awareness (once only)

  • Cyber Security Awareness (every 3 years)

  • Conflict of Interest Awareness (once only)

  • Sustainability General Training (once only)

Other training

  • Equal Opportunity Online – Module 1 (navigate to EO Online module from UQ Equity and Diversity page) (every 2 years)

Training for new tutors/demonstrators

Tutor training run by EAIT is scheduled for the Friday of Orientation Week in each semester. Attendance is compulsory for all first-time casual tutors/demonstrators. A number of online modules also need to be completed before the workshop. Workshop times vary depending on the number of tutors to be trained, these details will be made available to all new tutors in advance of the training session.

A second session will run during the semester (week 4). The session will provide opportunities for a debrief on your experiences, address any further questions that may have arisen and assist in developing strategies for continuing to improve in your role as a demonstrator.

Course-specific training/inductions

Casual demonstrators should meet with their course coordinator to discuss teaching material and procedures prior to commencement of classes.

Each course will have either a group meeting or training session to outline demonstrator responsibilities. While this structure will differ for each course, you need to ensure that you are aware of the hours you are entitled to claim and the marking expectations (e.g. how to mark that piece of assessment, how long to spend marking each assignment or quiz, etc.).

Some course coordinators will require completion of additional OHS online training modules relevant to specific teaching activities (e.g. laboratory work). It is your responsibility to ask if your work requires further local training. Please refer to the UQ Training Needs Analysis (TNA) summary table with your course coordinator to determine which (if any) of the additional OHS modules you will need to complete (e.g. Laboratory Safety).

You will also need to undertake an online Building Induction for each UQ building you will work in - these can be accessed through EAIT Safe.

Access to laboratories will not be granted until all inductions are completed.

Occupational health and safety in teaching laboratories

UQ has published guidelines that apply to all laboratory practical classes at UQ. These guidelines apply to all undergraduate students (the University considers students “in training” and accordingly, has several expectations for staff and students). These should be read by course coordinators, teaching staff (including demonstrators), technical staff and undergraduate students prior to participation in the practical.

Students need to sign a form indicating they understand their responsibilities before they commence work in the lab. The form can be found on the final page of the UQ published guidelines. The completed forms should be collected by the leader of the first practical session and brought to the School Office.

Course coordinators will discuss this in the first meeting for your course.

More training resources

UQ has a number of useful resources for tutors, which can be accessed on the website of the Institute for Teaching and Learning Innovation (ITaLI).