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Centre for eLearning Innovations and Partnerships in Science and Engineering (eLIPSE)

eLIPSE brings together expertise in eLearning and curriculum design to allow learning innovations to be piloted, and research in these areas to be developed and disseminated.

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Current Projects

2021: Indigenous and Intercultural Short Form Course for Built Environment and Design Education: A Pilot

Project Team: Dr Kelly Greenop, Ms Susan Beetson, Ms Carroll Go-Sam, Dr Susan Holden, Dr David Callaghan, Dr Cristian Maluk, Prof Paul Lant, Ms Theresa Bower, Mr Paul Goldacre

2021: Development of Online Modules for Australian Standard Series AS1170

Project Team: Dr Lisa Ottenhaus, Assoc Prof Liza O’Moore, Dr Matthew Mason, Dr Joe Gattas, Dr Ron Blackwell, Mr Paul Goldacre, Mr James Hardy, Mr Phil Waller

2020-2021: Analysing/Improving Online Teaching Delivery with Students as Co-Inquirers - What Does and What Does Not Work?

Project Team: Dr Remo Cossu, Dr Michael Heitzmann, Mr Richard Thomas, Ms Bev Coulter, Dr Frederico Fialho Teixeira, Assoc Prof Greg Birkett, Ms Melanie Fleming, Mr Joseph Nagy, Dr Hassan Khosravi

2020-2021: Introduction to Data Science for Engineers

Project Team: Dr Ruth Knibbe, Prof Helen Huang, Dr Sen Wang, Dr Miao Xu, Dr Hassan Khosravi, Dr Denys Villa Gomez, Assoc Prof Bronwyn Laycock, Mr Paul Goldacre, Mr James Hardy

2020-2021: Automated Programming Tutorial Tools

Project Team: Mr Richard Thomas, Dr Peter O’Shea, Dr Andrew Valentine, Dr Chamith Wijenayake, Assoc Prof John Williams, Assoc Prof Marcus Gallagher, Assoc Prof Tony Howes, Dr Mehmet Yildirimoglu, Dr Christopher Leonardi, Dr Rowan Gollan, Mr Phil Waller, Mr Paul Goldacre, Ms Melanie Fleming

Recently Completed Projects

2019: Pilot Implementation of an Extra-Curricular Online Training System for Engineering Students

Project Team: Dr Badin Gibbes, Dr Joe Gattas, Dr Jurij Karlovsek, Dr SangHyung Ahn, Ms Melanie Fleming

2019: Artificial Intelligence for Reflection Marking in First Year STEM Courses: How Effective Is It?

Project Team: Dr Stephen Hall, Assoc Prof Lydia Kavanagh, Ms Melanie Fleming, Dr Isaiah Awidi, Mr Chris Shadforth, Mr Sandesh Maheshwari

2019: Development of Online Learning Modules in Research Methods to Support Capstone, Individual Engineering Projects

Project Team: Dr Christopher Leonardi, Assoc Prof Saiied Aminossadati, Assoc Prof Tony Howes, Ms Beverly Coulter, Dr Alex Pudmenzky, Prof Penelope Sanderson, Prof Janet Wiles, Dr Denys Villa Gomez

2019: Staff Development Workshop: Putting Blended and Active Learning into Practice

Project Team: Dr Kate O’Brien, Prof Peter Knights, Dr Badin Gibbes, Dr Phil Terrill, Dr Silvia Micheli, Assoc Prof Tony Howes, Ms Melanie Fleming, Dr Isaiah Awidi, Mr Dominic McGrath

2019: Integrative and Immersive Virtual Learning Framework for Urban Water Engineering

Project Team: Dr Gilda Carvalho, Dr Paul Jensen, Dr Shihu Hu, Prof Ian Cameron, Mr Greg Siemon, Dr Adrian Oehmen, Mr Pablo Riveros, Mr Phil Waller

2019: Pre-LabPass: Piloting a Flexible Learning Environment for Large Classes with Lab Assignments

Project Team: Dr Remo Cossu, Dr Surya Singh, Dr Michael Heitzmann, Dr Bronwyn Laycock, Ms Melanie Fleming, Dr Isaiah Awidi, Mr Joseph Nagy, Mr Phil Waller

2018: Student-Led Observation for Course Improvement (SLOCI)

Project Team: Assoc Prof Carl Reidsema, Assoc Prof Lydia Kavanagh, Dr Stephen Hall, Ms Anna Morris, Ms Melanie Fleming, Mr Pablo Riveros

2018: Benchmarking the School of Architecture Digital Skills Curriculum through Industry Consultation

Project Team: Mr Michael Dickson, Mr John de Manincor, Dr Fred Fiahlo, Dr Chris Landorf, Dr Tim O’Rourke, Dr Paola Leardini, Ms Elizabeth Musgrave

2018-2020: Adding the Sustainable Futures Building to the 4D Construction Learning Environment

Project Team: Dr Chris Landorf, Dr Liza O’Moore. Mr Peter Sampson, Ms Anna Morris, Mr Phil Waller

2018: EAIT ‘My Courses’ Web site for Course Coordinators

Project Team: Assoc Prof Peter Sutton

2018: A Water-Energy Integrated Planning and Design Tournament

Project Team: Assoc Prof Steven Kenway, Dr Paola Leardini, Dr Ilje Pikkar, Dr Marguerite Renouf, Prof Peta Ashworth, Dr Brian McIntosh

2018: CHEE4002 Resource Development

Project Team: Prof Paul Lant, Assoc Prof Maureen Hassall, Mr Joseph Nagy, Ms Melanie Fleming

2018: Redeveloping Undergraduate Courses to Enhance Student Flexibility and Engagement

Project Team: Dr Badin Gibbes, Prof David Lockington, Prof Ling Li, Mr Joseph Nagy, Ms Melanie Fleming, Ms Anna Morris