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Talia Rose
Talia Rose

What do you study?

I'm in my third year studying a dual degree in Electrical Engineering and Science (Biomedical).

Who or what made you choose engineering?

I was extremely indecisive in high school and considered studying science, medicine and engineering. Choosing to study a dual program of Science and Engineering at UQ meant I could cover my favourite aspects of the whole lot!

Why did you choose the discipline you are studying?

Biomedical engineering gives me the opportunity to work at the intersection of medicine, engineering, science and technology. Biomedical engineering is such a niche discipline but with such far-reaching and high impact applications.

Tell us one thing about university or engineering that you wish you knew in high school.

Engineering is a field that is more vast and applicable than you can ever imagine. Don’t get stuck in traditional definitions - there are so many incredible possibilities in studying and working as an engineer.

What is your best tip for first-year engineering students?

Get involved. UQ offers an incredible variety of clubs and societies, support networks and sport. Extra-curricular opportunities pop up all the time so stick your hand up for them, it opens up a world of opportunities.

What would be your dream engineering job when you graduate?

My passion is humanitarian engineering, so my dream job would combine an education and training role with working in the biomedical engineering sector in appropriate technology design and implementation. Ideally I would love to work in the South-East Asian or Sub-Sahara Africa social enterprise and entrepreneurial space.