Engineering (Honours)
(Mechanical and Aerospace)

Degree: Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace)

Who or what made you choose to study this?

I have a strong passion for space. The unknown aspect of it and the industry appeals to me the most, I believe that the engineering challenges that come from this field made me want to study aerospace engineering the most. To give back to those on the Earth through the use of space. It was my grandfather, who used to be a helicopter pilot, that inspired me catalysed my initial interest.

Why did you choose to study at UQ?

Having a dedicated hypersonic centre, shock tunnel and industry research and technology office right on campus, it was clear that UQ was a leader in the aerospace environment.

What do you hope to do when you graduate?

I hope to work in the space industry. I believe that the indsutry is only just starting to lift off and is positioned perfectly to sky rocket from now. I hope to either work on orbital transfer vehicles, such as rockets, or space stations. As the industry is only in its early stages, many opportunities will arise that would be considered impossible today and I hope that I will be in a position to take advantage of them.

Are you a member of any student societies / participate in extracurricular activities? Tell us a bit about it. 

Yes, I am a systems engineer at UQ Space, a student run aerospace association affiliated with UQ. We build and launch high-altitude rockets and build rovers. The experience there has been nothing but amazing, you are able to learn new things, see your work in action and collaborate with a great bunch of people.