Faculty of
Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology

Teaching and Learning Development Program (TLDP)

The Teaching and Learning Development Program (TLDP) offers contextualised professional development and support for all teaching staff in the Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology. The TLDP runs an annual forum and interactive workshops on various T&L issues. The workshops are specifically designed and delivered by engineering educators. For more information about TLDP please contact Elice Garcia (elice.garcia@uq.edu.au).

The TLDP also manages the Special Interest Group in Engineering Education (SIGEE), an online repository of tools and documents relevant to engineering education available to all interested academics, the Tutor Training and Graduate Teaching Assistant programs.

The TLDP Committee:

EAIT T&L Forum

This event provides an opportunity for staff to hear from the Executive Dean, AD(A) and School T&L Chairs about what has occurred in the T&L space in the past year and be informed of future directions at University, Faculty and School level.  The morning session also includes T&L workshops on the topics "Designing assessment to encourage and verify learning" and "Efficiency in assessment and instruction", facilitated by John L. Falconer and Janet deGrazia from the University of Colorado in Boulder. An update on the Engineering Curriculum Review will be presented in the afternoon, with a workshop to be facilitated on moving forward with the review. UQ staff can register by 31 May 2019 here.  The Program for the 2019 EAIT T&L Forum can be downloaded here.

Staff Development

The Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology (EAIT) encourages a culture of continuous learning and performance improvement. The University Staff Development Program provides a range of programs, short courses and resources to enhance and develop staff teaching and learning skills. For more staff development activities, see the Staff Development Calendar.

Enhancing the Student Experience

The Faculty offers support for staff with the uptake, development and evaluation of e-learning technologies, resources and pedagogies to enhance teaching quality and support students' learning in the faculty's coursework degree programs. The ESE Team offer support in Educational Design and Educational Research.

Mentoring and One-on-one Support

Support through mentoring is an important element of the TLDP. Staff mentoring pairs consist of a new or fairly new academic and an experienced teaching academic (usually from the same school). One-on-one support is also available to staff who have specific teaching and learning needs, such as addressing lower-than -expected SECaT scores or planning for course changes. For more information about mentoring or one-on-one support, contact Elice Garcia (elice.garcia@uq.edu.au, +61 7 3365 3886).

Graduate Teaching Assistant Program

The Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) Program provides supportive and contextualised professional development for talented postgraduate students across the schools of engineering and interested postgraduate tutors from other UQ Schools. The GTA Program allows academics to make better use of postgraduates, encourages the next generation of excellent teachers and increases student engagement by bridging the gap between academics and students.  This program was originally developed within EAIT but will be offered by ITaLI from 2017.  For further information or enquiries, please refer to the ITaLI webpage at https://itali.uq.edu.au/professional-learning/new-teachers-and-tutors/gta.