The Faculty of
Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology

Professor Biggs is an expert in the design and manufacturing of novel particle products with a wide range of applications.

His recent research has led to new designs of microcapsules for high value perfumes and fragrances, revolutionising our ability to produce new products such as laundry detergents which retain the desired odour for much longer.  Using similar technology he has patented approaches for better application of agrochemical pesticides to reduce harmful side effects and allow more targeted use. He has also led a major research program with a commercial partner to provide a design and manufacturing approach for pigmented particles that can be used in Kindle like electrophoretic displays that are capable of providing both colour and video.

Using his knowledge of how to produce stable particle products in liquids, he has also worked on major engineering projects over the last decade in support of the UK’s civil nuclear waste clean up industry. A substantial challenge in that industry revolves around our ability to safely mobilise and pump particles that come from corroded nuclear fuel elements. Being able to do this with high efficiency is critical to contain costs which are already estimated at $200B. Biggs’ work led to numerous sizeable industry contracts and research grants worth more than $25M over a ten year period.


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